Meaning in life

6 minute read

From Prof. Xiang Luo

Living in the post-modern days, many people get a sense of nothingness.

They regard their lives as “meaningless”. However, there must be something to chase, because when you think your life “meaningless”, there must be a contradictory concept named “meaningful”. Thorough scepticism is totally wrong in logic for “is suspecting itself worth suspecting?” At least you can feel your breath now, and you may die if you jump from the high building. Where we stand is real and we can’t be floating forever in the sky.

So stop let the sense of nothingness flows in your mind. We need to live real life. All the true happiness can not be gained without hard work. Whether the happiness of being admitted to a nice university or the delight of success in your work can not go to you if you didn’t put your mind to it. All the delight in real life is for us to achieve with sweat. Without it, happiness is not happiness anymore.

If it can be achieve so easy, the cheap happiness isn’t worth cherishing. So for the youth, one of the most important lesson is to control your desire. It’s widely acknowledged that the best chef is hungry.

So if you can have the best meals forever, finally you’ll lose all of your appetite. So all the things you achieved so easy no matter what, indulge in sex or drug or something else will take your ambition away for the happiness is coming so easy that all the efforts you put in chasing your goals seems to be in vain and meaningless. And there’s no fun in life.

All the attempts to gain happiness in an easy way will end up bring you pain and inanition. Hug the meaning of life in reality, chase the true happiness.