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base64 -d <<< "YmNsaUBtYWlsLnVzdGMuZWR1LmNu"

QQ (For personal contact only):

base64 -d <<< "aHR0cHM6Ly9xbS5xcS5jb20vY2dpLWJpbi9xbS9xcj9rPXU5UnQ2aHY2TXUySm9Sc2FGOHJ6enVDdURDVzktSV84ICAgSSYjMzk7bSBhbHdheXMgd2lsbGluZyB0byBtYWtlIG5ldyBmcmllbmRzLiBOb3RlOiBUaGUgUVEgYWRkcmVzcyBvbmx5IHdvcmtzIHdoZW4geW91IGFyZSB1c2luZyB5b3VyIG1vYmlsZSBwaG9uZS4="

Personal Preferences and Skills Regarding to Technique

  • Programming Languages I’ve used so far: C/C++, Python, Verilog, RISC-V Assembly, Golang, SQL, HTML
  • Version Control: Git
  • IDE: PyCharm, Visual Studio, CLion, DataGrip
  • Editor: Visual Studio Code (mainly)
  • System Administration:
    • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
    • Windows 11 with WSL2
    • macOS 13 Ventura
  • Others:
    • LaTeX


During my free time, I enjoy indulging in a variety of activities such as reading books, watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. These have become my go-to remedies during tough times, providing me with solace and comfort.

In particular, I find music to be an integral part of my life, having spent over 7000+ hours in the past 4 years listening to various genres such as EDM, Pop, and Rap. I am constantly discovering new artists and songs that inspire and energize me, and I would be delighted to share my passion for music with others.

If you’re interested in exploring new music or discussing your own favorite songs and artists, feel free to visit my netease site. Let’s bond over our shared love for music!

Why “Forest Zone”?

The name Forest Zone was inspired by a location in the RPG game NieR:Automata, which I consider as one of my favorite games in 2020. This game has a breathtaking visual design that captivated me from the moment I started playing it.

Moreover, the game features an exceptional soundtrack that complements the game’s overall atmosphere, making it an immersive experience for players. I highly recommend this game to anyone who appreciates stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and an exceptional musical score.

If you haven’t played NieR:Automata yet, I suggest giving it a try. The Forest Zone is just one of the many captivating locations that await you in this fantastic game.

NieR: Automata is a 2017 action role-playing video game developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix. It is a sequel to the 2010 video game NieR, itself a spin-off and sequel of the Drakengard series.