1 RGB and YUV Colorspace

1.1 YUV colorspace

YUV is a color space typically used for color image/video processing. It encodes a color image/video taking into account properties of the human eye that allow for reduced bandwidth for chroma components without perceptual distortion. Using the YUV color space can be helpful for image/video compression. It was first used in analog TV broadcasting.

1.2 RGB colorspace

The possibilities for mixing the three primary colors together can be represented as a three dimensional coordinate plane with the values for R (red), G (green) and B (blue) on each axis. This coordinate plane yields a cube called the RGB color space:


2 Conversion from RGB to YUV

Formula from RGB to YUV colorspace is shown below:


Our program aims to convert an RGB image in .bmp format into YUV colorspace, using this formula.

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